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メレヨン島は現在ではウォレアイ環礁と呼ばれる、北緯7°22'15.2" 東経143°54'29.2"に存在するミクロネシア連邦に属する22の小さな島々の総称で、戦前~戦時中にかけて日本ではメレヨン島と呼ばれていました。

About Mereyon Islands

“Mereyon Islands” is the name for Woleai Atoll used in Japan in the era before and during the Pacific War.  
It is a coral atoll of 22 small islands located at 7°22’15.2”N and 143° 54’29.2”E.  It is part of the Federated States of Micronesia.



Woleai Atoll
Federated States of Micronesia

The islands locate in the area of 8 kilometers east-west, and 5 kilometers north-south.  The altitude above sea level of each island is from 1 meter to 3 meters.  Small scale base of Japanese Army was located in the atoll from the initial to the middle stage of the Pacific War.  The Japanese Army called the atoll “Mereyon Islands.”  The Japanese Army raised the military strength from around 1944, in order to reinforce the Absolute national defense sphere.  However, after the fall of Saipan, supplies stopped, and the Japanese soldiers suffered from hunger.  As a result, the Japanese Army garrison in the atoll was virtually annihilated because of hunger (5000 soldiers out of 7000 was died from disease).  Therefore, it is called “tragic island” where soldiers died without fighting.  Today, about 800 people live in the atoll, and there is a high school.  (From Wikipedia)

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