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The Islands of Mereyon, where I was located during the war, is now called Woleai Atoll in the Federated States of Micronesia.  There remains a field gun I had commanded at that time.  In 1990, I had an opportunity to visit the island. 

In front of the field gun, I shouted:

“Hey, all of you, let’s go home together!”

Suddenly, I saw numbers of ghosts rising from the grass here and there and walking towards north.

Thanks to kindness of Mr. Tajima, this work has been replicated on a stainless board, covered by reinforced plastic, and displayed next to the memorial monument of the National Mereyon Association in Hukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.  Mr. Tajima is one of the bereaved now living in Hiroshima.

An expert in art said:

“Outside the world of paintings for appreciation, I realized there is some work that moves people’s heart (even it is not skilled).”

He did not say the last part, though.

I had never felt such happiness ever since I started painting.

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